We’re focusing on Asia during our year-long trip. But our itinerary is intentionally loose, so we’re not sure where we’ll end up! Here’s where we’ve been so far. Click on the links for full stories and tips.

JAPAN: One delight after the next awaits, from sprawling Tokyo and neon-lit Osaka, to Kyoto’s temples, Hiroshima’s sobering sights, blissful hot springs and corner surprises on Miyajima Island.

SOUTH KOREA: Take the ferry from Japan for a slow welcome to South Korea. Rest on an island off the coast of Busan, then head north to the bustling, food-hugging city of Seoul.

RUSSIA: Volcanic vistas (and maybe a hospital visit) await in Kamchatka. Vladivostok starts a Trans-Siberian Railway trip to hike Lake Baikal and explore Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude.

MONGOLIA: Coming soon! Join us on a 15-day journey across central Mongolia. We’ll visit the Gobi and see desolate herds of camels and horses.

CHINA: Coming soon. Join us as we take a detour to chase summer — and Mount Everest.

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